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Sometimes it’s okay to close a chapter of your life, to turn the page on a situation or connection, without having all the answers worked out. To leave questions unanswered, and doubts unresolved, and concerns just hanging there in space, and take that brave step into the unknown anyway.

It can be okay to end a relationship, a friendship, a certain way of connecting with someone, without everything between you being resolved, or made right, or even understood. To let awkwardness, discomfort, disappointment and disagreement stand where they stand, and take the step anyway.

Sometimes we are called to leave loose emotional ends, untied strands of thought, unhealed wounds and even conflict behind us, and spend quality time with our doubt, guilt, uncertainty, and our desperate addictive urge to fix everything. To take a leap of faith and trust the ‘not knowing’ instead.

Some wounds simply cannot be healed from where we are. Sometimes we cannot make everything right again, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes we just need a simple boundary and a clear decision, not more processing and talk and working on ourselves.

Some of our issues may only EVER make sense in hindsight. Or time may resolve our very need for sense altogether.

And sometimes, time itself is the only resolution possible, and the only freedom.

Trust in time, I say. Trust in time.

— Jeff Foster
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